Destiny server party

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Team BrownTown Raid Victory

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Bubble Shield to Victory

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Daily Dose of Destiny #1 [SPOILERS]

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Microsoft Press Conference / Media Briefing [Gamescom 2014]

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And finally here is the Microsoft Press Conference from Gamescom 2014 (germany). In this Xbox Media Briefing the following games were shown and discussed/announced: - Fifa 15 - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare -...

Sony Press Conference [Gamescom 2014]

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Missed Sony's Press Conference on Gamescom 2014? No Problem, we got you covered ;) Here you'll see games and announcements like: - The Tomorrow Children - Volume - Destiny - Tearaway - DayZ (PS4 Edition) -...

EA Press Conference [Gamescom 2014]

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Here's the EA Press Conference from Gamescom 2014 in Germany. You'll see the following Games: - Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Sims 4 - Star Wars: The Old Republic - Shadow Realms - Battlefield: Hardline

BF4 RPG highlights part 3

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BF4 RPG highlights part 2

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Titanfall | Now THAT’S How to Evacuate

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We All Make Mistakes

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[Ghosts] The ripper is MAGIC

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[Watch_Dogs] Watch_Derps

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1 minute, 5 RPGs

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[Watch_Dogs] There’s a Rabbid in my Watch Dogs

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I found a Rabbid (from Rayman) in Watch_Dogs. "What did you say?"

Destiny server party

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Halo 5 Trailer recreated in Minecraft

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This is just awesome!

[Watch_Dogs] Riding the Train

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I've had some fun riding / surfin' the train (on top of the train).

[Watch_Dogs] How did I survive that?

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That's just ridiculous. How did I survive that?

[Watch_Dogs] There’s a Rabbid in my Watch Dogs

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I found a Rabbid (from Rayman) in Watch_Dogs. "What did you say?"

[Watch_Dogs] Child of Light Easter Egg

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Jacks playing Child of Light in Ubisofts Watch_Dogs. Was this game even released on a Tablet? :D

[Watch_Dogs] Kinect Easter Egg

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Did you know that there are Kinect Easter Eggs in your Xbox One Version of Watch_Dogs? Well, now you know it ;)

[Watch_Dogs] Lionel Richie is SMS trolling in Watch_Dogs

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"Hello? Is it me you're looking for?" I just love those funny little Easter Eggs in Open-World Games :D

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[Watch_Dogs] 9 Minutes Multiplayer Gameplay Demo

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Hey, here I've found a Multiplayer Walkthrough for the upcomming game Watch_Dogs. Somehow it reminds me alot of GTA Online. What do you guys think?

Celebrate with Blackbeard (Assassin’s Creed IV)

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I just love his gesture :D Thatch has something to celebrate. So let's celebrate with him! This is the first video I cut with Upload Studio (Only Uploaded "full" clips before) and I've gotta say: Upload Studio work...

[E3 2014] Mortal Kombat X (Gameplay Trailer)

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Finish Him! Here is the E3 Gameplay Trailer from Mortal Kombat X

[GTA V] Current-Gen Vs. Next-Gen – Graphics Comparison

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This is a Graphics Comparison between Grand Theft Auto V on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. Yeah I know ... it's Playstation (and you guys would prefer to see Xbox One Gameplay). But here you can get a glimpse of wh...

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A streaker... in ryse... what?

It’s a (Satchel Charge) TRAAAP!

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Titanfall | Guarantee A Win (Titanfall Tips and Tricks)

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[Destiny] Harlem Shake

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Yep, they really did the Harlem Shake in the Xbox One Destiny Beta. Enjoy ;) Have you played the Destiny Beta on Xbox One? How did you like it?

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BF4 RPG and Sniper Highlights

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[Outlast] Launch Trailer

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Outlast finally found it's way on the Xbox One. Here's the Launch Trailer

Trials Fusion | MY FIRST TIME

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can’t handle the strafe

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