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Titanfall | Guarantee A Win (Titanfall Tips and Tricks)

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[Wolfenstein: The New Order] Preview with new Gameplay

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Not really a trailer but a Preview from CVG. They describe the game as an "Old School Shooter with stunning visuals". To be honest: This is exactly what I was hoping for! I can't wait to play this game on my X...

[Sniper Elite 3] Hitler’s Balls Shot

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Okay, this is just awesome. See someone sniping through the Fuhrer's Balls in Sniper Elite III. I love Testicle Shots - Especially when they're hitting Nazis ;) Recorded on Xbox One.

Watch Aaron Paul playing Titanfall

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Have you ever wondered what Jesse did after his adventures with Walter White? Well, he played some Titanfall. You don't believe me? See for yourself ;)

[Titanfall] Get to da CHOPPA!

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Found this hilarious Xbox One Titanfall Clip on I think I laughed way too hard on this one :D

Titanfall Best moments so far

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[The Evil Within] PAX East Gameplay Trailer

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Here is the new Gameplay Trailer from The Evil Within. The Game is directed by Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil / Dino Crisis) so be prepared for some good old Survival-Horror. Bethesda will publish the title. The ...


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Ripped his arm off

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Another Titanfall Clip by Sam Sabri

[AC4: Black Flag] Giant Squid Easter Egg

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Here is the Giant Squid Easter Egg I found in Assassin's Creed IV. The Squid is located in Antocha Wreck. The Coordinates are (630,660). You need to get Inside the Shipwreck and swim up the Stairs. You should ...

[Destiny] Harlem Shake

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Yep, they really did the Harlem Shake in the Xbox One Destiny Beta. Enjoy ;) Have you played the Destiny Beta on Xbox One? How did you like it?


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A streaker... in ryse... what?

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