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Wallrunning Flank

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Titanfall: Epic Kill & Sneak Attack

1.82K Views0 Comments

This clip shows two epic kills in Titanfall on Xbox One. First, we see how a Titan gets killed. After that follows a direct Sneak Kill. Really Awesome Titanfall Clip!

Titanfall | Guarantee A Win (Titanfall Tips and Tricks)

1.45K Views3 Comments

It’s a (Satchel Charge) TRAAAP!

1.45K Views1 Comments

Titanfall Montage 1

1.24K Views0 Comments

Titanfall Best moments so far

1.24K Views1 Comments

[Titanfall] Walk into my trap!

1.18K Views0 Comments

It's a trap! And you shall walk in it! I found this Titanfall Clip on Reddit. It was recorded on Xbox One.

[Titanfall] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 … Rest in Peace

1.17K Views0 Comments

I just found this amazing Killstreak in Titanfall. Check out this awesome Xbox One Clip.

[Titanfall] Optimus Prime DLC Announcement Trailer

1.15K Views0 Comments

Check out this DLC Trailer provided by IGN. This DLC will give you an Optimus Prime Skin for your Titans in Titanfall. Exclusive for Xbox One! Well, who got fooled yesterday? ;-)

Titanfall Spitfire LMG is awesome

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Revenge on 2 Titans

1.12K Views1 Comments

Watch Aaron Paul playing Titanfall

1.11K Views0 Comments

Have you ever wondered what Jesse did after his adventures with Walter White? Well, he played some Titanfall. You don't believe me? See for yourself ;)

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