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[GTA V] Give me a break! (Grand Theft Auto V Wasted Clip)

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Aaaaah, give me a break! (Recorded GTA V Clip on Xbox One)

[GTA V] Hi, I’m Trevor Philips – Welcome to Jackass! (GTA V Jackass Clip)

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This is just awesome :D

[GTA V] Clip Montage

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GTA V: Graphics Comparison (Xbox One Vs. PS4)

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Well, I'd say they look 99% identical.

[GTA V] Jet Stunts Montage

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And here you have a Xbox 360 Clip :) This Jet Stunts Montage from Grand Theft Auto V is just insane! I wonder how many times the player died trying to record this.

[GTA V] Current-Gen Vs. Next-Gen – Graphics Comparison

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This is a Graphics Comparison between Grand Theft Auto V on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. Yeah I know ... it's Playstation (and you guys would prefer to see Xbox One Gameplay). But here you can get a glimpse of wh...

[E3 2014] GTA V – Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC Announcement

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It's happening! Grand Theft Auto V will come to Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC this fall. I can't wait for all those crazy Xbox One Clips ;)

GTA V: Sick Flips, Stunts and Tricks

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Check out this sick GTA V Video I found on Youtube. It shows some Car Flips, BMX Tricks and more. Jus Awesome what you can do in this Game :D